Use method and advantages of collated screw gun

What is the collated screw gun?

collated screw gun

The collated screw gun connects collated drywall screws through the plastic strip to realize the continuous firing of the drywall screw installation, which is more efficient than the traditional installation method. And it can be operated with one hand, making it more convenient to work at heights. At the same time, the depth of the self-tapping screws sinking into the surface is adjustable. After one adjustment, it can ensure that all the self-tapping screws sink into the surface at the same depth. It avoids the error of manual installation.

How to use collated screw gun?

  1. Assemble the collated screw gun. Install the gun head first, then the magazine, and finally the battery, and the assembly is complete.
  2. Adjust the size of the nail and install it at the gun nozzle. Screws of different lengths require corresponding gun nozzle lengths, and the adjustment button can quickly adjust the nozzle length.
  3. Set the positive and negative switches. Press the positive or negative switch to decide whether to install or remove the screw, which is convenient and quick.
  4. After starting the switch and locking it, press down the collated screw gun according to the standard of the applying force and the working point in the same line.

What are Advantages of collated screw gun?

  1. Easy to use, safe and reliable. 50 screws can be used as long as they are installed on the collated screws gun at one time instead of having to be installed on the bit one by one, which prevents the workers’ hands are stuck by the screws. The collated screw gun can be used with one hand and the other hand can hold the plasterboard, which can improve the construction speed and ensure safety at the same time.
  2. Reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. 50 screws can be installed at one time, which reduces the number of nails installation and labor intensity and can screw continuously. Therefore, the construction efficiency of workers can be increased by 2-5 times.
  3. Save screws (no nails falling off). Due to the use of the advanced auto feed screw system, it solves the problem that the loose screws are easy to scatter and lose, and reduces the waste of screws.
  4. High-quality and beautiful workmanship. While improving the efficiency, it also improves the quality. The collated screws gun is equipped with a screw-in depth adjustment device, which can easily control the screw-in depth. The clutch function can ensure that the screw bit will stop automatically after the screw is installed in place and that the screws are all at the same depth. It solves the situation that the ordinary hand drill screws are screwed into different depths.

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