Classification and differences of surface treatment methods of drywall screws

Drywall screws surface treatment method classification

phosphating drywall screws

galvanized drywall screws

The surface treatment of drywall screws cannot be ignored. Now the surface treatment can be divided into two types, one is phosphorization and the other is galvanization. Their main roles is to prevent rust and corrosion. But there are several differences between phosphorization and galvanization.

What is the differnces between the two surface treatments?

  1. Different uses. Galvanizing is mainly used for metal anti-rust, mostly used for machine parts. phosphating is mainly used for anti-corrosion. Generally speaking, high-temperature phosphating has better anti-rust ability than normal temperature, and the thicker the phosphating film, the better the anti-rust effect. Anti-rust is also related to the quality of phosphating film, the finer the phosphating film, the better the anti-rust performance. However, the main function of phosphating is not to prevent rust, so no matter how good the anti-rust world is, it will only take a month or two.
  2. Different appearances. Galvanized is relatively better in appearance. Galvanized drywall nails include yellow and blue-white drywall screws, while phosphating drywall nails include black phosphorus drywall screws and gray phosphorus drywall screws, which are relatively inferior in appearance. In fact, there is no difference between black phosphorus and gray phosphorus except for the color, and the color is also a matter of personal preference. Black phosphorus drywall screws may feel brighter in appearance and look textured, while gray phosphorus drywall screws may feel drier and look a little less exquisite and lower-end. At present, the mainstream in the market still favors black phosphorus.
  3. Different applications. Galvanized drywall nails are mainly used to make ecological boards, and phosphating drywall nails are mainly used on light steel keels. when drilling keels, the less the surface friction, the faster installation. Generally speaking, the phosphating process is a more economical and more suitable surface treatment process for drywall nails.

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