Why are drywall screws widely adopted?

Why are drywall screws widely adopted?

drywall screws

Among the many nail categories, drywall screws are always the leader. It is difficult for other nails to compete with it in terms of market share.

Why can drywall screws have such a strong dominant position? What are its advantages compared with other nails? Let’s take a little look at drywall screws.

  1. Drywall screws are widely used.Basically, it can be used on all materials. Unlike nails such as thumbtacks and pins, which have obvious restrictions on use, drywall screws can bring you more effective applicability in this respect, so its usage quantity naturally increases accordingly.
  2. The styles of drywall screws are diversified. In order to achieve its own use effect, ordinary nails basically have several specifications of different sizes. But drywall nails are different. The density of thread, the thickness of the nail point and the length of the nail will bring a different style.
  3. The nailing effect of drywall screws is good. Many nails may look easy to use, but after being nailed to the wall, they loosen and fall off after a while. For example, compared with drywall screws, ordinary straight nails are far less firm than drywall screws. Therefore, having a very good nailing effect is also one of the main reasons for the popularity of drywall screws.

With such perfect advantages in all aspects, it is very normal for drywall nails to become people’s favorite nail products. And you can find more practical effects in the use of drywall screws.

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