Collated Screw Assembly Machine

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Collated Screw Assembly Machine


Power: 5.5kw

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Speed: 300-1200psc/min

Assembly Scope: Ø3.5 L25-55mm

Machine Wight:1000kg

Product Details

What is collated screw assembly machine?

automatic collated screw assembly machine

The collated screw assembly machine is an automatic machine to put screws on plastic tapes in an orderly manner for use with a specialized collated screw gun. The machine can assemble various types of screws, depending on their design and the industry’s specific requirements, such as drywall screws, decking screws, wood screws, roofing screws, concrete and masonry screws, etc. We Uniwin,as one of the most professional collated screw assembly machine manufacturer, can quickly produce large quantities of collated screws by using this machine, ensuring consistent quality and meeting the needs of industries such as construction and carpentry that rely on these fasteners.

What is the collated screw?

collated screw

The collated screw comprises screws and plastic strips, with 50 screws assembled into 50 holes in a plastic strip, leaving two holes on each side. And Two types of strips are used for screw assembly: injection molded strips and punched strips. Today, the injection molded strips are becoming increasingly popular. Collated screws are used with a collated screw gun to make fastening more efficient, especially in applications requiring large number of screws. It’s beneficial for tasks like hanging drywall, decking, or subflooring, where efficiency and speed are critical.

Collated screw assembly machine parameter

3Frequency50/60 Hz
5Assembly ScopeØ3.5 L25-55mm
7Core ComponentsPLC, Bearing, Motor, Gear
8Machine Wight1000kg

Features of automatic screw assembly machine

  1. The automatic collated screw assembly machine adopts the servo drive, PCL control, and human-machine interface interaction, effectively improving assembly accuracy and speed. Human-machine interface interaction better reflects the status of equipment and processes, gives customers a more intuitive experience, and makes operations more straightforward.
  2. The material distribution mechanism, strip feeding mechanism, and cutting and positioning mechanism are all driven by servo motors, which effectively solves the shortcomings of the original ordinary asynchronous motor drive mechanism, such as low running speed, low positioning accuracy, complex mechanism, and difficulty in maintenance.
  3. The main mechanical components are processed by the CNC machining center to ensure the quality and accuracy of the mechanical parts and achieve efficient, stable and precise operation.
  4. The vibrating plate ensures automatic screw feeding into the machine and a stable supply of screws and can be adjusted or configured for different screw sizes and types, bringing automation, consistency and efficiency benefits.
  5. The pressing plate can be adjusted according to the size and type of screws, ensuring screws are completely fixed on the plastic strip.

Collated screw assembly machine parts

Vibration plate
vibrating plate
Distribution tray

distribution tray
Pressing plate

pressing plate



Collated screw assembly machine application

The collated screw assembly machine is used in the assembly and production of collated drywall screws, collated chipboard screws, collated self-drilling screws, collated sub-floor screws, and other collated screws.

collated screws

Collated screw assembly machine manufacturer

As a professional and experienced collated screw assembly machine manufacturer, we are dedicated to manufacturing a collated screw assembly machine with stable operation, high-speed production, and precise positioning and assembly.

We adopt advanced technologies to realize stable, high-speed and high-quality lines for the production of screws in the tape, such as Delta, Omron, or Schneider brand electrical parts, SNS brand Shenchi pneumatic components, and mechanical components processed by CNC machining centers. And the software and hardware of the collated screw assembly machine are designed and completed by our company. We can quickly provide solutions for software and hardware upgrades and special control implementation of certain links.

Collated screw assembly machine price

The collated screw assembly machine price can vary significantly based on the size, speed, features and brand. The uniwin collated screw assembly machine price is USD 10000-13000. You can contact us directly to get a specific price for the models that suit your needs.

Company Profile

Founded in 2018, Uniwin Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise integrating research and development, production, processing and trading. Our company specializes in the production and sales of collated screw strips, collated drywall screws, and various high-quality stainless steel screws, drilling screws, self-tapping screws and hardware accessories

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