Collated Screw Plastic Strips

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Collated Screw Plastic Strips
Material: PE
Holes: 54
Length: 54mm/53.5mm/54.5mm
Width: 15mm
Thickness: 1.4mm

Product Details

Collated screw plastic strips

Green Plastic Strip for collated screw

Collated screw plastic strips are used to connect the loose screws and solve the problem that loose screws are easy to be scattered and lost. There are two types of plastic strip, including injection molding type plastic strip and punched type strip. And there are 54 holes on each plastic strip, and 50 screws can be installed on it. When installing, two holes are left on each side. It is recommended to use the plastic belt once, but it can actually be used repeatedly. Repeated use is prone to nail running and flying nails, which is more challenging to use than the first use.

Parameters of collated screw plastic strips

ColorWhite, red, yellow…

Advantages of collated screw plastic belts

Red Plastic strip for collated screws

collated screw plastic strips

  1. Exact size. The length and width of the injection molding strips are consistent and more accurate than the punching strips.
  2. Strong grip on screws. It avoids falling off and loss of screws.

Collated screw plastic strips container loading:

Plastic strip export container loading


Company Profile

Founded in 2018, Uniwin Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise integrating research and development, production, processing and trading. Our company specializes in the production and sales of collated screw strips, collated drywall screws, and various high-quality stainless steel screws, drilling screws, self-tapping screws and hardware accessories

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