Collated Screws vs Loose Screws

Collated Screws vs Loose Screws

Collated drywall screws, usually used for the connection of gypsum board and light steel keel, wooden keel;
Collated fibreboard screws usually used for the assembly of furniture;
Collated self-drilling screws, usually used for the installation of metal plates and the construction of metal frames;
Collated floor screws: usually used for fixing outdoor floors.

Collated Screws Strips

Ordinary loose screws are single-shot when used, however the collated screws connect dozens of screws with a nail strip. The tool used is a screw gun, which can install screws continuously.

So what are the specific advantages of collated screws compared to bulk screws?

Firstly, the collated screws are convenient and fast.

With collated screws, 50 screws can be used as long as they are installed on the nail gun at one time, instead of being installed on the bit one by one. The nail is equipped with a screw depth adjustment device, which can easily control the drilling depth of the screw. For example, when installing gypsum board, screwing too deep will cause the paper surface to crack, and too shallow will affect the later construction.

Secondly,  the collated screw saves manpower.

With collated screw, the construction efficiency of workers will be greatly improved, because the screws can be driven in continuously. Therefore, it is more popular in countries with high labor costs.

Thirdly, Collated screws save screws

Chain screws solve the problem that loose screws are easy to be scattered and lost. At the same time, the collated screws we produce have been screened by the screening device, avoiding the mixing of screws without grooves, screws with bad tail tips, screws with bad threads, and screws with inappropriate length or diameter, ensuring the actual use Screws are consistent with the name on the package.

Company Profile

Founded in 2018, Uniwin Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise integrating research and development, production, processing and trading. Our company specializes in the production and sales of collated screw strips, collated drywall screws, and various high-quality stainless steel screws, drilling screws, self-tapping screws and hardware accessories

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