The Difference Between Injection Type and Stamping Type Plastic Strip

What is the difference between injection type and stamping type plastic strip?

collated screw plastic strips

Collated screw plastic strips are designed to streamline and automate the process of fastening screws in various construction and manufacturing applications. They are essential for enhancing productivity and efficiency when using nail guns or screw guns. Below, I will talk about the differences between these two types of strips in detail:

  1. The stamping type plastic strip is relatively unsightly, especially when holding coarse thread screws; it is particularly obvious that it is swaying here and there.
  2. Manufacturing Process is Different. Injection Belt Type Strips Utilizes injection molding, where molten plastic is injected into a mold containing screws, creating a rigid strip with precisely placed screws. Stamping Belt Type Strips are produced through a stamping process, where screws are arranged in a line, and a plastic strip is stamped around them. Injection molding processing requires making an injection mold first, and its production cost is high. The cost of stamping processing is relatively low.
  3. Strip Production Speeds Vary. Injection molding strips are molded at one time, and dozens of strips can be produced per minute. It takes four times to punch the strips to form a hole for stamping-type plastic strips, which are inelastic and have a short protrusion to hold screw nails.
  4. Different Precision and Quality. Injection type plastic strips securely hold the fasteners in place and allow for the exact placement and spacing of screw nails, leading to reduced wear on nail guns. Stamped strips may not hold the fasteners as securely as injection-molded ones, and the placement and spacing of screw nails may be less precise than with injection-molded strips, increasing the risk of jams or misalignment of nail guns.


Injection molding plastic strips are more economical. Its production speed is fast, and when used with a nail gun, there are fewer nail jams, and the nailing speed is faster. However, you can also choose stamping-type plastic strips for budget-sensitive projects but must tolerate nail gun jams and other situations.

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