Yellow Zinc Self-Drilling Drywall Screw

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Yellow Zinc Self-Drilling Drywall Screw

Head Style: Countersunk

Thread Type: Screw

Screw Type: Self-drilling

Surface Treatment: Yellow zinc

Product Details

Yellow zinc self-drilling drywall screw introduction

Yellow zinc self-drilling drywall screw

The yellow zinc self-drilling drywall screw is coated with yellow zinc on the self-drilling drywall screw. The yellow zinc self-drilling drywall screw is different from ordinary screws. It is not a pointed tip but like a drill bit, which can be tapped by itself without drilling first. The screw point eliminates the need for pre-drilling, saving significant time during large installation projects. Self-drilling drywall screws are used are used to connect gypsum boards and metal studs with a thickness not exceeding 2.3mm and are available in black phosphating and yellow zinc plating. The yellow zinc coating on these screws is a form of galvanization that not only provides a certain level of aesthetic appeal but more importantly, it provides corrosion resistance and antirust. The performance makes these screws more suitable for environments and are prone to moisture or exposure to certain chemicals.

self-drilling drywall screw

Parameters of yellow zinc self-drilling drywall screw

Head StyleCountersunk
Thread TypeScrew
Screw TypeSelf-drilling
Surface TreatmentYellow zinc
SizeM4.2*13 16 19 25 32 38 50

Yellow zinc self-drilling drywall screw applications:

Yellow zinc self-drilling drywall screws are used in various construction applications where drywall needs to be attached to metal studs, particularly in commercial construction where metal studs are more commonly used. They can also be used in residential construction for attaching drywall to metal structures such as HVAC ductwork or metal-framed fireplaces.

Due to their corrosion-resistant coating, these screws are more suitable than uncoated drywall screws for use in areas that may be exposed to moisture or chemicals, including bathrooms, kitchens, and industrial environments.


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